About us

Our vision at Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club is to be the best baseball club in both the NSW State Baseball League, and the NSW Women’s Baseball League. We achieve this through providing opportunities of exposure for our players, whilst competing at the highest levels of baseball in NSW. We engender discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity. Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club teaches our players to respect the game, work hard, and of course, to play hard.

Our mission at Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club is to develop the skills, discipline and strong character necessary for our players to reach their highest level of personal growth and professional achievement, while also emphasising a strong commitment to education. We are committed to supporting our players in fulfilling their dreams and potential. This is achieved through providing intensive instruction and opportunities to compete at the highest level of play where discipline, teamwork and good sportsmanship are expected. We feel that the solid foundation of our program comes from the strength and professionalism of our coaching staff, as well as the support of our players, their families, the committee, and the wider community. It is our hope that these principles will be both internalised and externalised, ultimately remaining with each of our players throughout their lives, on and off the baseball diamond.

The physical and emotional safety of our players is paramount in every aspect of on and off field activities. Whilst success on the field is important, we value fair play, teamwork, and team spirit. Whilst we encourage the support of parents, family and friends, there is no place for unacceptable behaviour or language from parents or supporters within the Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club. Abuse of players (of any team), umpires and other officials will not be tolerated. Adults are expected to provide a good example for players and children. Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club is a not-for-profit managed club. A key function is to provide ongoing support for the development of local juniors and senior players in the Sutherland Shire who wish to strive to play baseball at the highest level.

The administration of the Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club will be professional, transparent and fair. Thus, all duties will be carried out with honesty and integrity. We will care for the environment in which we play both home and away. We will be part of the community in which we play and to this end, cooperate and support where possible. Cronulla Sutherland Major League Baseball Club believes in fair and equal treatment and support for all persons involved with the club and does not discriminate.

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